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ROES Photo Finishing

Finishing Solutions with Style...

Finishing Services

Prolab offers an extensive range of finishing solutions to protect, enhance and present your images.

We tailor our range of finishing products to your individual requirements, providing highly specialised services for art exhibitions to competitively priced solutions for point of sale displays.

We completely assemble roll-up banners and portable display systems and fabricate custom displays with speciality packing crates.

We cut and prepare all substrates for mounting, do cut outs of figures, make props and provide hanging systems for small and large displays.

We provide shop-fitting services to incorporate permanent displays in building projects; shop fit outs and exhibitions.

We can splice join murals in segmented pieces of up to 6mx1.8m to produce large displays of almost any size. When combined with our large format printing capability stunning wall murals and backlit displays can be designed for huge impact.

Processing Scanning and Preview Prints


Mounting MDF

Processing Scanning and Preview Prints


Mounting Gatoboard, Alupanel Pannel, Acrylic


Prolab ROES Software

Prolab ROES is a powerful software application that makes it easy to send orders to our Lab. Prolab ROES is the most cost effective and streamlined method for placing orders. Prolab ROES offers access to a wide range of photographic print sizes.

Prolab ROES offers the user the ability to select a lab -product and precisely specify crops and rotations on their images within that product. The user simply chooses a folder of images, and starts selecting from listed products in which to put them.