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ROES Albums

Film Processing

Need a quick, convenient and affordable solution for packaging and presenting 10 or 20 images?

STOP selling loose images and include one of these albums when your client purchases 10 or 20 images.

These make great Parent albums.

• Cover material made from durable, black leatherette standard off the shelf (other colours at additional options below)

• Pages are matted with plain black windows ready for you to simply slide your images in from the spine side (albums are made to take vertical images). You can still use landscape images, but album will need to be rotated.

• Australian made

Processing Scanning and Preview Prints


Prolab ROES Albums

Prolab ROES Software

Prolab ROES is a powerful software application that makes it easy to send orders to our Lab. Prolab ROES is the most cost effective and streamlined method for placing orders. Prolab ROES offers access to a wide range of photographic print sizes.

Prolab ROES offers the user the ability to select a lab -product and precisely specify crops and rotations on their images within that product. The user simply chooses a folder of images, and starts selecting from listed products in which to put them.