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DOTCOM File Specifications

File Sizing Requirements

Finished prints are to be sized at 254 Pixels/Inch. (e.g. 76.2cmx100cm@254Pixels/Inch)

File Saving

File Layout Requirements

Files are printed on rolls of paper 762 mm high by upto 44 metres long.

DotCOM Prints will be charged according to the 762 mm height dimension X how many square metres of product you use.

Sizing and price guide

(So if you only print one 8x10 inch print you will still be charged for the excess product on the ends( eg. 762mm x 203.2mm). It is wise if you have many prints to set your files up in strips of 762mm X ? dimensions in order to avoid wasting the product you are being charged for.)

File Colour Space Requirements

Image files are required to be in RGB 8 Bit Format

8Bit Save

All files are to be flattened with no extra channels or paths and converted to the (Durst Epsilon 30" LED)

Download Durst Epsilon output icc profile here.

Colour Space: Converting to Durst Option

Engine: Adobe (ACE)

Intent: Perceptual (for RGB Pure Photographic Output)

Converting to Profile

Colour Space: Soft Proofing to Durst Option

Following the settings listed below in "Colour Settings" to enable soft proofing as a methed for colour manageing your files.

Soft Proofing

Soft Proofing Illustration

The image below on the left illustrates when the "Durst Profile" has been selected as the "RGB Working space" in Photoshop. The image on the right has sRGB enabled for the "RGB Working space".Notice the more accurate dipiction of the colour gradation with the image on the left (this should be a exact match to your physical calibration print when viewed under this setting) by using this method you can gain more control over limitations of output profiles and the colour matching of your prints.

Download Prolab Print Calibration Card here.

Soft Proofing Illustration___________Soft Proofing Illustration2

File Format Requirements

Images are to be saved in Jpeg level 8-12 Format or Maximum Quality compression at Baseline ("Standard")

(Jpeg 12 is a lossless form of compression, saving at this setting will result in no loss of detail.)

Jpeg Saving Format

File Naming

File naming should be simple and descriptive with no spaces or special characters like */+\-!@#_<>).

DotCOM prints require a Client ID, which is then included in your file names eg. PLB12345.jpg