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LVT – High End Digital Film Writer

Prolab’s LVT Saturn 1010 Digital Film Recorder is the highest resolution, true photographic quality recorder in the world.

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LVT Saturn 1010 - LED exposure (RGB) to 8”x10” film at 1000-3000ppi. Film is exposed through the Durst 10x10 Horizontal Mural Enlarger. Maximum media roll width 183cm


We can image your digital files onto colour transparency or colour negative film from 35mm up to 10x8 inches (239x190mm image area) at a stunning resolution of 120 lines per mm equivalent to writing a 5x4 inch (119x92mm image area) transparency at 3048dpi.

The LVT can accept a wide variety of standard file formats and media. Like all Hi-end film recorders the LVT images in RGB colour space, but unlike other film recorders, it is recognised as the ultimate in CMYK to RGB conversion, thus capable of producing accurate proof matched chromes for the pre-press industry.

Scanning is by far the most important aspect of harnessing the full potential of the LVT. Photographic film has three colours (RGB) so scan in RGB for the best result. Prolab provides a full scanning service dedicated to LVT outputs that will match the original chromes, without you having to concern yourself with the daunting issue of colour management.

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