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Artwork Reproduction

Artwork Reproduction

Prolab offers in-house fine art reproductions of your original artwork, our equipment can produce an optical resolution reproduction 1:1 ratio at 300 dpi colour managed to your original artwork, exporting high resolution file (no interpolation) in wide gamut RGB colour space, we can accommodate artwork over A0 in size.

This service coupled with our fine art printing service allows the full production cycle to occur in-house, allowing greater control and flexibility, delivering you the precise results you demand from a professional supplier.

We can also brief other print suppliers on your behalf and have your work accompanied by a physical proof for the most comprehensive colour management service, giving you the confidence that your work can be reproduced as accurately as possible on most print mediums.

What counts is the quality of the original reproduction.


  • Artwork reproduced at 1:1 ratio
    Optical Resolution

  • Artwork can be digitally recorded to colour transparency at 1524 dpi in RGB Colour Space
    5 x 4 inch and 8 x 10 inch Etkachrome Film for colour matching and archival storage (200 years +)

  • Artwork exported to digital Tiff uncompressed file
    AO and over at 300dpi RGB

  • Digital enhancing of artwork reproduction

  • RGB to CMYK conversions

  • Prolab's – Artwork reproduction printing services
    Gicle'e fine art ink jet prints
    Digital and traditional photographic prints
  • SwissQ Direct UV Print
Processing Scanning and Preview Prints


Artwork Reproduction