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Professional Laminating Services

We can face laminate and mount your image onto any extruded substrate up to 2m wide by length of product, suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.

Application of clear adhesive skin, usually to the face of a print providing both physical and UV protection.


A lightly textured laminate but highly durable. Suitable for prints likely to come into contact with people or light objects and also as a floor graphic laminate. Easily cleaned.


A low-reflective laminate, very popular for general-purpose prints and posters.


A good protective laminate although subject to reflections and surface scuffing if poorly handled.

Super Gloss

A high quality glass-like finish suitable for prints displayed in controlled or gallery lighting.

Hot Gloss/Matt

Laminates with extra stiffness

Processing Scanning and Preview Prints
Laminating Small Pricelist

Processing Scanning and Preview Prints
Laminating Large Pricelist