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Pop Up Exhibition Display Systems


The pop-up that defined "portable."

A Legendary system from the creators of self-locking technology.

Nomadic Instand revolutionised the exhibition industry with the introduction of a self-locking frame. This system features an innovative design construction that incorporates geometric principles for structural integrity. One person can set up Instand without any tools, unlike other frames that depend on multiple clips and awkward fasteners. Steel-on-steel hubs are used at every critical high-stress joint, further ensuring the durability of your investment. In addition, Instand's aircraft-grade aluminium frame is lightweight yet strong, which will save you thousands in cost of ownership.

Pop Up Construction

Instand One Instand Two

Coca-Cola, Coke and the Dynamic Ribbon Device are registered trademarks of The Coca-Cola Company. Reproduced with the authorisation of the Coca-Cola Company.

Instand Three Instand Four Instand Five Instand Six Instand Seven

Fabri Mural

Big. Bold. Convenience...inspired.

FabriMural combines the total portability of an Instand-quality pop-up and the convenience of Velcro mounting in a system designed specifically for easy display of large-format fabric graphics. Once attached, your graphic doesn't need to be removed between shows - just pop-up the self-locking frame and you're ready to go.

Fabri Mural

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