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Our Story

Established in 1976 as a professional photographic lab, Prolab has been nationally respected for over 30 years as a provider of quality photo imaging and display services. Prolab is a place where both craftsmanship and an appreciation for your original work is still truly valued.

Today, the company reflects the needs of a modern, technical client base by providing an efficient production facility, ready to respond to requests for urgent, high quality results.

We place a high value on listening to the needs of the client and creating the solution to suit. If it’s not in our price list, we’ll put it there to match the brief.

In keeping with current trends, we operate in a technical environment both within our walls and just as importantly to the outside world. You’ll find Prolab not only online but also on Facebook and Google +, allowing instant access and response as well as a high level of transparency.

Client Testimonies

For those of us in our industry who sit and listen to the comments of the judges at state and national awards, one of the most prevalent is "the image would have scored higher ,but has been let down by the printing!"

Ron Photography

Following the recommendation of a national judge I handed my entries to Alan at Prolab ,with the instruction print these as if they were your own!

The staff at Prolab gave me images that were superb. I gained 2 silvers one with a distinction..

The judges comments had a basis of " The prints have detail and have been presented and printed very well"

So it is with sincere thanks I extend my wishes to the staff of Prolab for "A JOB VERY WELL DONE".

Couple this with the acknowledgement " It is a pleasure to deal with people who care.."

As with all awards there is a team that makes the final image. Be it national awards, or most important, clients who continue to reward our efforts with thanks and payment,

The printing of all images is ,part and parcel of all final presentation.

Thus Alan and the team are a part of my success..

Thank You!

Dusan Papez

“I just wanted to thank Brian and Alan for the speedy processing of my order. The quality of the 20 prints and the album is excellent.

Thank you very much”

Robyn Hills

Testimony from Robyn Hills Master Photographer, Fellow AIPP 2009 Photographic Artist of the Year QAIPP

I’ve been rapt to find a lab that does everything I need – film processing, excellent quality scans, efficient turnaround times for printing.

What I love most of all is the ‘can do’ attitude.  Every time I come up with a creative (sometimes a little off-beat) idea, I know I can talk it through and together come up with a great result, whether it be for exhibition, permanent display, award entries or my own personal projects.